Package contains 1 steak.

Actual weight may vary, approximate weight is 12 oz. 

Perfectly fresh, frozen, packed, and portioned for your needs.
Crescent Foods Grass Fed Grass Finished Pure Angus Ribeye Steak.

Grill our Ribeye to perfection as a hearty steak dinner or BBQ for a different option, either way, be prepared for a rich flavor you need to try. All our cattle is Hand Processed Halal, raised humanely and meets strict standards and requirements for quality and transparency. 

One taste says it all

Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished  

No Antibiotics Administered  

No Added Hormones   

Never confined to Feed Lots 


Crescent Foods Angus RIbeye Steak | Home Halal Meat Delivery

Angus Ribeye Steak $18.00

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