Drive-Up FAQs

Will the product I purchase be fresh or frozen?

All orders are freshly packed and frozen. 

Where do I pick up the order I placed?

We have 2 designated parking spots for pick up.

What if the pick up spots are occupied?

You may get in line and a representative will assist you as soon as possible.

Can someone else pick up my order?

Yes, as long as they have an email confirmation as proof of purchase. 

Do I need to arrive at a certain time to pick up my order?

Yes, orders will have a scheduled pick up time.

Can I return my order?

We do not accept returns.

Is there a minimum to place an order?

There is no minimum to place an order.

Do I need to own a business to place a bulk order for pick up?

You do not need to own a business to pick up a bulk order.

Can I reschedule my pick up date/time?

We will hold your order for up to 2 days, until you are ready to pick it up. 

What dates/times are available for pick up?

Pick up times are available M-F 9:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M. (CST)

Do you offer any discounts? If so, how will I be notified of any promotion?

Please sign up for our email and text message notification to receive

How long does it take for my order to be ready once I place my order?

Your order will be ready within 2 hours. Once it is ready you will be notified.

I live in another state, can I pick up from your facility?

We do not recommend picking up from another State, as we cannot ensure the safety of the products in transit, as they will need to be properly refrigerated/frozen. 

Can I add other products from your website that are not listed in bulk.

Only the products listed are available.

Can I customize a product?

We do not customize products. The product comes as described in the products’ description. Kindly, click on the image to be directed to the product's information on whether the product comes with skin or is skinless, whether the product is boneless or not, the quantity, amount/size, and price.

How will I know how many pieces come in each package?

Click on the image of the product to be directed to the description page for that item. 

Are there any other pick up locations?

Currently, our Chicago facility is the only pick up location; however, we hope to expand our locations in the future. 

Will I be able to combine a DoorDash order and Shop Crescent Foods Drive-Up order into one pickup?

No, we cannot combine a DoorDash and Shop Crescent Foods order. 

What is the shelf life of the product?

Every label has a best by date and every product has a use by date 1 year from date of production.