Your Seasonal Shopping List for Fall

Your Seasonal Shopping List for Fall

Fruits and vegetables are incorporated in almost all of our meals on a daily basis. That alone should make us realize how vital they are to our diet and the importance of providing our bodies with the best quality of these fruits and veggies. One way to do that is by eating what is in season. According to researchers, consuming what is in season is both better for our health and mother earth. They are the freshest at this time, making them the most flavorful, colorful, and most nutritious for us to enjoy.  Not only will we be helping ourselves, but also supporting local farmers and the environment.

Now that it is Fall, there are several fruits & vegetables harvested during this time that are absolutely delicious. I am going to share a list of some of my favorites for this time of year and different ways to use them! 

Favorite Fruits & Vegetables of the Season

Butternut Squash– This squash has a slightly sweet and nutty taste and actually grows on a vine during the Fall & Winter. It tastes amazing when roasted with just a drizzle of olive oil, salt, and pepper. It also makes for a creamy delicious soup! 

Green Beans– These are at the peak during this time and are amazing sautéed in a pan with olive oil and garlic. They are also very popular in a tomato-based stew. 

Peppers– There are so many different types of peppers and many you can find all year round but the freshest tastiest peppers are eaten now. They are so vibrant in color and rich in taste. They are delicious raw in a salad, roasted in the oven, or even stuffed! 

Corn– Maize, also known as corn, can still be found fresh on the cob at local farmers' markets today. Make anything from a corn salad to some corn chowder. They’ll be out of season soon, but get your hands on them before time runs out! 

Tomatoes– Fresh tomatoes are meant to be sweet and less acidic than what we normally pick up in a supermarket. Their peak will be over by the end of October, but don’t let that stop you from picking some up from your local farmers market. Many people often make their own sauce and can it for the year. Tomatoes are also delicious on anything from a pizza to a salad! 

Figs– You know what is so delicious and still in season? Figs! Popular right now are green and black figs. While figs are amazing on their own, people also make their own jam with this superfruit and add them to toast or even cheesecakes!  

Plums– Did you know there are thousands of varieties of plums? This fruit is super versatile in that it is tart yet sweet. It pairs beautifully with cheeses and even better in desserts. For Fall, they are amazing in a pie and/or a crisp. You can even make your own plum marmalade which can last for months.  

Apples– This is a favorite fruit amongst many. Almost everyone goes apple picking in the fall, as it is a fun way to embrace the new season. Most apples are awesome for baking anything from a tart to a crumble to a cobbler. In my opinion, they are even better fresh! A sweet tangy apple on its own makes for a nutritious snack or dip it in some peanut butter for some added healthy fats. Either way, you will have some happy campers!

By: Heifa from Fufu’s Kitchen