Having a Dinner Party? We’ve Got You Covered Every Step of the Way!

Having a Dinner Party? We’ve Got You Covered Every Step of the Way!

For appetizers, let’s start out with our Mexican Style Stuffed Mushrooms. It’s the quickest 20-minute recipe and a fun twist on a traditional taco bar! Prepare the ground beef and mushroom caps and let your guests do the rest! Create a fun fiesta themed table and include all the favorite toppings like shredded cheese, jalapeños, and corn for texture. Include lime wedges and hot sauce to add an extra kick! The Stuffed Mushrooms are the perfect little handheld appetizer and super fun to create! They’re perfect as a flavorful bitesize snack, filling your guests up enough without spoiling their appetite. Check out the recipe: Mexican Style Stuffed Mushrooms

If you were thinking of bringing a little something more to the table, our recipe for Shredded Chicken Tortilla Soup stays in theme and in season! Bonus, you can let your Instant Pot do all the work!  Who doesn’t love a spoonful of warm soup, especially in this weather it feels like a hug! Add the soup to your Stuffed Mushroom bar. Prepare the soup for your guests and let them play around with the toppings to make it their own. Include tortilla chips, shredded cheese, black beans, avocados and fresh cilantro! Check out the recipe here: Shredded Chicken Tortilla Soup

Let’s move on to the entrees, yeah?

How about a stuffed chicken breast? Using our Crescent Foods Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Fillets, this recipe only takes 30 minutes, and yes, that includes prep time! Biting into the stuffed chicken breast is like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. All the different flavor profiles from the cream cheese to dried basil and seasoned chicken creates a unique combination that we personally cannot get enough of! And the individual chicken breasts are not only more than filling but also created special for each guest at your table! Check out the recipe here: Stuffed Chicken with Butternut Squash

Serve the stuffed chicken breast with a side of quinoa, the recipe for which can be found here: Honey Garlic Chicken over Onion Quinoa. The fluffy flakes add a delicious texture to your dinner without weighing anyone down!

Congratulations, you’re all set and on your way to a delicious dinner party! If you’re looking for recipe inspiration or creative new ideas, visit our recipes page. We’ve got tons of ideas to inspire the gourmet chef inside you!